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Scarlett (TV Mini Series 1994)

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Etv scarlet

Due to its simultaneous broadcast and extensive publicity campaign, including a fan-meeting with before the premiere, the drama was well received in Singapore and Malaysia, and has 2.

  • Ruoxi initially tries to return to the future, but she soon adjusts to life in this era.

  • Any show attempting to capture the experience of childhood or adolescence would be incomplete without a teacher among its cast.


  • Promotional poster Genre Based on by Directed by Lee Kwok-lap Starring Opening theme One Persistent Thought by and Ending theme Three Inches of Heaven by Ivy Yan Season of Waiting by Composer Country of origin China Original language Mandarin No.

  • In the later years, Yinsi and Yintang were imprisoned as Yinzhen blames them for everything that happened.

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