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Of course, with this app, there is usually an ulterior motive to sending pics, and there are a handful of , including the subtle brag, the cry for sympathy, and the pic show you're just having a really, really good hair day which everyone knows is a perfect excuse to take 50+ photos and send them worldwide.

  • But Christ, they don't want it shoved in their face by actually receiving those explicit pics.

  • Probably not, but that doesn't stop you from sending it.

Equally, children don't want to be on the receiving end of sexting pics of their mom in compromising positions.

  • I mean, even when you're sending that ugly-face selfie to your bestie, aren't you sending it to get her attention, or to let her know you're thinking about her? Sexting with a lady you know often leads to other pleasurable things if you play your cards right.

  • Not to get all philosophical on you, but nobody is innocent in the game that is called Snapchat So what are your Snap buddies really trying to tell you when they send you a snap? It allows you to send your friends absolutely bonkers pictures of yourself while safely knowing they have disappeared — and if they haven't and your friend screenshots them, you'll be fully aware and can react accordingly.

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