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Nice romance manga

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Manga nice romance

Manga nice romance

Manga nice romance

Manga nice romance

A boy named Tsubasa Natsukawa just moved to Hokkaido from Tokyo, in the middle of the winter.

  • Though she is confused by all these, he absolutely captures her heart with his cute and attentive actions.

  • Written and illustrated by Anashin, it follows Mistuki Haruno, a shy first-year high school student who struggles to form relationships with others and is determined to make friends.

Unfortunately for Nishikata, Takagi, his seat neighbor, has totally mastered the art of teasing, and though he tries to get back at her he has yet to succeed.

  • Fast forward five years, Sakura joins Dr.

  • And if you are looking for a martial arts plus comedy genre then this manga with subtle romance is really quite enjoyable and a good pick.

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