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Eine Veröffentlichung der ersten Staffel auf ist bislang nicht angekündigt.

  • The two enticed Abigail Griffin to help them make more Nightblood to make new hosts to deal with the dwindling population of Nightbloods despite having murdered her daughter by promising to help her save Marcus Kane.

  • Boyce and Joe Christie, another member of the raid, were to drive the lorry back to Dublin themselves.

He is best friends with Jasper and is among the 48 held in Mount Weather; he eventually escapes and reunites with his mother in the third season.

  • After taking a closer look at the logs, Jordan comes to believe that the Bardoan language is structured similar to the which Jordan learned from his father and as a result, the Disciples may have mistranslated the message.

  • Februar 2017 bis zum 24.

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