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He was a very handsome guy with the frat jock look about him.

  • Arm wrestling was set up on the floor between the two of them; but it was a farce with the kid easily muscling down each arm — even though the older boy was trying to cheat by moving his elbow, by jumping the whistle.

  • And just like his father, he had pronounced freckles on his nose and cheeks.

I have to mention at that particular point in college, I only weighed about 113 pounds and stood about 5 foot 9 inches tall.

  • Well at that time I jumped at the opportunity of participating as it would get me out of all of my classes except unfortunately P.

  • In what was probably an illegal move, my 6 year old brother than flipped over on top of me and wrapped his muscular legs around my waist and at the same time grabbed both of my arms by the wrist with his strong hands.

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