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So if you just want feel-good, you know, smoochy romances — Sarah: Visually, visually beautiful, trope-heavy, fluffy smooching.

  • Elizabeth Ann Roberts was the centerfold for Playboy's January 1958 Issue and was one of the most controversial playmates to grace the pages of Playboy.

  • Yeah, we did a lot of business Friday, which is even before we closed? So thank you to the Patreon community for helping me keep the show going each and every week and helping me connect with all of the writers for Smart Bitches all around the world.

Have I mentioned how fabulous you are today? Dawn was born in October 1964 in Austin, Texas.

  • What other recommendations do you have for comfort in addition to sticker art? I love Miracle Whip, which my dad introduced me to, which is like a tangy mayo? Both have also written Degrassi: The Next Generation episodes.

  • But when her former suitor appears and threatens to go public with her secrets, her twin brother hires Joshua Wolfe, former soldier, war hero, and their estate gamekeeper, to keep her safe in London.

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